With over than 20M+ open jobs on LinkedIn, your profile page at this professional social networking platform is the foundation for your personal branding. Recruiters use LinkedIn on a day to day basis to search for their next talent. Based on our expertise and experience in the field of recruitment, we have established a list of tips on how to improve your LinkedIn profile to make it more attractive for recruiters. These tips will help to give you the LinkedIn profile and personal brand that you deserve.

1)     Appropriate profile picture & cover image

Your profile picture is the very first impression of you to a recruiter. It moreover generates more search matches and therefore leads to better outcomes. Make sure you keep your picture professional. Wear what you would like to wear to work, focus on soft lightning and a natural background. Things to avoid are group shots as well as making sure that your face takes up at least 60 per cent of the photo. The most important tip is to be yourself! In addition to your profile picture, your background picture is the second element on your profile which visually attracts attention. It is an excellent way to help you stay memorable to visitors and makes your profile stand out.  

2)     Use the summary as a bio

Make use of the summary section about yourself. Use this space as a bio and include a brief background about your notable achievements. This section allows you to dive a little deeper to outline your values and skills. Use keywords which relate strongly to your field of expertise within your headline, summary and work history, to enable recruiters to find you based on your skills and knowledge. Don’t just focus on experience and achievements but on your values and what you can bring to a prospective employer. Hence recruiters will be able to address how your experience is related to a filling position. Look for some inspiration on Richard Branson's profile who is considered as one of the most active users on LinkedIn.

Richard Branson's LinkedIn profile

3)     Ensure you include all key skills

Publication, activities and skills are specific sections which allow more in-depth information about yourself and a quick way for recruiters to see your skillset. The keyword section will enable you to showcase additional skills in your area of expertise; this will help recruiters to find your profile during searches. Assure that you are only using skills that you acquire and which are relevant to the desired position.

4)    Fill out the details of your role(s), outlining responsibilities and achievements

First, make sure that your LinkedIn profile aligns with your resume. There is no need to list all your previous jobs unless they are relevant to an industry you’re looking for a new job in. Add detailed description of what you were doing in each listed role (current as well as previous) and demonstrate the impact you've made. To really stand out and boost your overall profile appearance, add your portfolio, link to an interview or article you've made or other visual components to show your work. Make it all look very organised and easy to read by using bullet points. Remember to update your profile whenever you get promoted, change workplace, publish an article and etc.

5)    Start making connections

LinkedIn is a great tool to connect with professionals within or beyond your personal network and follow successful people who inspire you. Also, more connections help you to be more visible. However, if you decide to connect with someone who you've never met, send a message together with your request where you introduce yourself and explain why you would like to connect.

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