We believe unfulfilled potential is a big issue in the developing world and we want to provide opportunity by connecting people and purpose. Therefore, as a part of our CSR plan, we decided to support United World Schools who #teachtheunreached in remote areas across Cambodia, Myanmar and Nepal where children don’t have access to government schools and quality education.

Our Initiative: Sponsoring a school construction in Cambodia


In Cambodia, there are thousands of children who have no access to education. Therefore, we decided to connect with United Worlds School (UWS) and support their fantastic work in the region. Our aim is to break the cycle of illiteracy within the very remote area Pura Pet in Cambodia by financing the construction and operation of a new school for up to 200 children.

We are delighted to support the transformation of a community through education!  

We are delighted to help UWS “Teach the Unreached”

Arnold Ash's director Jon Arnold said:

''We want to give something back as we’re in such a fortunate position. I look back fondly on the support I got from my parents and my schoolteachers around education in my formative years and it’s astonishing that in the 21st Century there are kids without this kind of basic opportunity or encouragement. Unfulfilled potential is a huge pity and I hope our support goes some way to helping to give hope, confidence, encouragement or just enjoyment in a safe environment.''

We are also working in partnership with United World Schools to fight against COVID-19.

Their current COVID-19 Emergency Appeal plan supports communities who are particularly vulnerable due to poor access to healthcare, lack of clean water and soap and existing health problems. It is critical that we do not forget about them and that our support can help communities have access to soap and hand washing facilities and know life-saving information about how to prevent the spread.  



Your support matters more than ever. Your donation will help United World Schools continue to support children and families living in the world's poorest regions.

£10 educates a child learning at home for 4 weeks during Covid-19 
£40 sponsors the salary and virus awareness training of a community teacher for a fortnight
£100 provides new books to an entire community
£300 covers the cost of hygiene promotion activities with a community of 500 people

Our purpose goes beyond profit

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