Diversity & Inclusion

—Diversity & Inclusion


The promotion of diversity is fundamental to the thoughts and ethos of our business and we actively champion diversity as a means of enriching our own organisation and that of our clients. We believe that a successful organisation depends upon the insight of its people, only if it possesses a range of experience, talent, judgement and opinions will it become more creative, innovative and maintain a competitive edge.

Our commitment to diversity extends into all areas of our business. We make every effort to prevent discrimination or other unfair treatment against any of our staff, potential staff or users of our services, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, language, age, religion, political persuasion, socio-economic status, disability, experience or education.

Diversity within our organisation

We are devoted to the development and maintenance of working environments, which ensures equality of opportunity. We do not tolerate discriminatory attitude or behaviour at any time and a commitment to equal opportunities is required from all our staff. Our diversity practices apply equally to internal and external applications and we aim to ensure that all of our employees are treated fairly, evaluated objectively and have a genuine equal opportunity to succeed within Arnold Ash.

Diversity in our provision of services

We are dedicated to increasing the recognition of our brand amongst a more diverse audience and in supporting our clients in making diversity a reality within their own organisation.

We aim to achieve this through a number of key strategies, including, but not limited to:

  • Ongoing development of our diversity best practices.
  • Developing new, innovative and diverse methods from which to attract and select candidates. Our digital candidate mining techniques where we are searching for specific often passive job seekers will always be mindful of not only searching out the best candidates but also ensuring our search encapsulates a wide and diverse group at a minimum ensuring where at all possible it represents the area and the community within the place where the vacancy exists.
  • When assessing candidate suitability, apply best assessment methods to ensure fair and open competition.
  • Build diversity into client briefing and offer advice on current legislation and best practices to ensure objectivity.
  • Ensure all clients and candidates are duly treated with equal respect.
  • Using effective yet diverse multi-media advertising.
  • Creative use of non-stereotypical advertising and brand awareness campaigns.
  • Raising our diversity profile, e.g. through sponsorship, industry body participation and seminars.
  • Actively developing relationships with other organizations supporting diversity.

Responsibility for equal opportunities policy and diversity

The Arnold Ash equal opportunity charter is the responsibility of each and every member of staff to apply.Those holding supervisory, management or other senior positions have additional and particular responsibilities to ensure the effectiveness of its application and the commitment of all staff and others to it. Procedures to ensure effective promotion of our policies and the measurement of their success include:Providing continued training and guidance to all employees regarding current legislation and best practices.The regular monitoring of our database.Endeavour to ensure as we grow we have a diverse work force.Ensuring our consultants are trained in competency-based interview techniques, using behavioural and value based criteria as well as assessing relevant experience.The appointment, where applicable, of a dedicated diversity consultant within our teams.

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