Social Responsibility

—Social Responsibility


We are committed to becoming a truly responsible business and aim to achieve our commercial goals in a fair, ethical, caring and responsible manner, whilst making every effort to positively impact the communities and environments in which we live and work.

For us this goes beyond just making charitable donations in the local community, it is about being sensitive and considerate throughout our business in any interaction with our people, clients, suppliers, the environment and the wider community as a whole.

It is also about sharing our time and the time of our people, providing opportunities for everyone to contribute and make a difference through their actions and behaviours.

Our Impact on the Environment

We will at all times act consciously towards the environment and seek to reduce our impact on any natural resources. This includes wherever possible the use and specification of low energy or green technologies, sustainable, recycled and biodegradable materials and the maintenance of an active policy of recycling our own waste products.

We will actively seek partners, sub-contractors and suppliers who are committed to sustainability, diversity and who themselves operate responsibly and ethically.

Our Respect for People

We will look beyond minimum legal requirements in terms of improving the personal health and safety protection of our staff and visitors.

In line with our Diversity & Inclusion Charter, we will act in a way that develops our employees’ skills, encourages them to be autonomous, and promotes creativity and individuality in our people.

Respect the rights of every individual we interact with and promote a cheerful working environment for our employees and visitors, free from discrimination.

Our Impact on Society

At all times act as a good corporate citizen and participate in the social development of communities where our operations are based and showing sensitivity and respect to the local laws, culture and customs.

Responsibility for the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Charter:

The Arnold Ash corporate social responsibility (CSR) charter is the duty of each and every member of staff to apply. Those holding supervisory, management or other senior positions have additional and particular responsibilities to ensure the effectiveness of its application and the commitment of all staff and others to it.

Procedures to ensure effective promotion of our policies and the measurement of their success include:

Providing continued training and guidance to all employees regarding current legislation, best practices and energy efficient technologies.Implement a reduction in energy usage per head of 25% by 2017 through conversion to energy efficient and eco-friendly technologies. Complete the switch over to 100% sustainable or recycled paper products and 100% biodegradable ink/toner products.Where available, only purchase eco-friendly office supplies and incorporate CSR into our procurement decisions.Track and measure our spending with suppliers identified as promoting CSR.Commence program of “Community Action Days “, where each member of staff is annually given 2 free days to donate time to benefit charities or worthy causes in the local community.Look to incorporate CSR in everything we do.

Feedback & Contact Information

We welcome feedback from any section of the community. If you have a comment on any aspect of Arnold Ash or regarding our Corporate Social Responsibility Charter, please contact us at: info@arnoldash.com